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A Targeted Way to Market Your Home

06/27/24  |  Lori Docherty

In the world of real estate, Compass Private Exclusive is a valuable tool that brings a host of benefits for both sellers and buyers. Referred to as an off-market or pocket listing, a Private Exclusive provides a strategic and controlled approach to the selling and buying process through our extensive network of more than 30,000 agents nationwide.


The main objective of a Private Exclusive is to pre-market a property to other Compass agents without accumulating Days on Market or exposing any public price drops. This approach allows agents to generate interest before the listing hits the market, extending the marketing runway. Furthermore, it offers the opportunity to gather impactful feedback from top agents and potential buyers regarding price and property features, which can be instrumental in preparing and positioning the property before its official market debut. You have only have one chance to make a first impression to the public and this approach helps test what really matters to buyers.


For sellers who need the time to prepare their home for the market, a Private Exclusive can serve as a signal to the market that something exciting is on the horizon, driving anticipation and engagement with their property. Alternatively, listing on Private Exclusive provides exposure for a home during the traditionally slower Winter and Summer months without accumulating Days on Market.  Consider it a Hollywood trailer to generate excitement before the feature begins. And often, sellers who use this approach end up selling their homes at an aspirational price without even having to invest in putting them on MLS.


Private Exclusives also present substantial advantages for buyers. They grant access to exclusive inventory that only Compass agents can showcase, allowing buyers to explore a wider range of off-market listings. With Compass boasting more than 30,000 top agents around the country, buyers can tap into the largest collection of private, off-market listings. This exclusive access allows buyers the time to prepare an offer without the pressure of the public market, enabling them to be more competitive once the listing goes live or sometimes avoid competition alltogether.


Private Exclusives play a pivotal role in the real estate industry by offering a more controlled and strategic approach to buying and selling properties. Whether you are a seller aiming to maximize the impact of your listing or a buyer seeking exclusive opportunities, Private Exclusives presents a robust solution in the ever-evolving world of real estate. Want to learn more? Feel free to reach out. My clients can attest to the power of the Private Exclusive strategy.

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